AIFUDIS - English version

Aifudis is a complete ERP system for Airport fueling companies. The system include all aspects of the into airplane business, including dispatching, operator terminals and a complete back office system for stock management, invoicing/settlement and statistics.

Core functionality

  • Split contracts.
  • GPS functionality on vehicles ensures max efficiency. (Map optional)
  • Active use of graphics and colors ensures excellent usability.
  • Supports multiple operators on same work order for large aircrafts.
  • 3rd party interface for external systems such as SCADA.
  • Offline functionality ensures stable operation in any situation.
  • Intuitive graphic interfaces for all roles.

Customer benefits

  • Increases efficiency.
  • Automated order handling.
  • Paperless fuel handling.
  • Scalable from stand alone vehicle solution to multi dispatchers.
  • Failsafe system with full offline functionality.
  • Real time system that gives updated overview of all vehicles.
  • Data mining gives complete analysis on all aspects of the business.
  • Future proofed system built for long life span.


  • Multi bearer. (GSM/3G, Tetra, WI-FI)
  • Developed in Java®
  • Built from scratch to support all aspects of Airport Fueling into plane business
  • High focus on stability, backup and redundancy ensures optimal uptime
  • Built by Datek Wireless AS with more than 15 years of experience in M2M systems.
  • Failover to 2nd network.


  • Real time control of all vehicles.
  • Status of filling (assigned, allocated, started, fuelling, interrupted, printing, completed, cancelled and amount of fuel filled. (increases as fuelling progresses)
  • Dual or triple screens give full control over operations.
  • Personalization of the dispatcher screens.
  • System will automatically suggest the best suited operator for next order.
    based on availability, distance to gate, aircraft type, stand type, shift plans etc.
  • Supports multiple dispatchers and remote dispatchers.
  • Map of airport with real time positioning of all vehicles. (optional)

Back office

  • Work/rest time calculations to ensure operators are within regulated hours
  • Maintenance module
  • Stock management
  • Credit handling and data transfer to oil companies via IATA protocol
  • Advanced data mining module
  • Direct export to Excel
  • Role based access restrictions.
  • Separate portal for vehicle maintenance with service intervals,
    differential pressure analysis etc.


  • GPS positioning prevent filling of wrong aircraft
  • Paperless handling
  • Full offline functionality if network is down
  • Easy operable, large, graphical touch screen with keyboard option
    for ease of use, ruggedized.
  • Self dispatch mode for operation without dispatcher
  • Geofencing (optional)
  • Complete work orders can be transferred from dispatcher to
    vehicles to minimize in-vehicle punching
  • System can only be operated when vehicle is stationary (optional)
  • Options for fuel on board and Fuel on arrival
  • Vehicle status reported to maintenance module
  • Supports Carnet/Credit card
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